Neighborhood Revitalization

  • Implementing the Titusville Community Framework Plan
  • Addressing issues of infrastructure to the city
  • Securing funding from the Neighborhood Revitalization Fund to improve community
  • Making notice to blight by working with the city to cut lots and destroy dilapidated structures


  • Affordable housing is a must to include home ownership and rental control in upgraded housing communities
  • Residents need assistance with tools and resources to repair and maintain property
  • Programs to empower people to become homeowners


  • Residents must have access to vital information that affects the neighborhood (North Titusville), the community (Titusville), the district (District), and the city (Birmingham)
  • Neighborhood officers must work together for the betterment of the neighborhood through communication, implementation of projects, and promote unity
  • Must work with the resource officer and city council to ensure that the needs of the neighborhood are met.


  • Must work with the Birmingham Board of Education to ensure excellence in learning
  • Create a mentorship with the youth in our neighborhood
  • Work with organization to bring STEM instruction to area schools
  • Supply funding for schools to maintain infrastructure and learning

Social Justice

  • Not to act as the police, but use law enforcement to keep personal property and businesses safe
  • Fight against environmental racism and injustice
  • Promote a healthy neighborhood by bestilling unity using various activities and projects as tools

Economic Development

  • Provide a place for residents to shop and work who don’t have access to vital transportation
  • Create a merchants association as an avenue to bring out economic opportunity
  • Help bring businesses and bust the local economy