Our platform is two fold:

To invest in people means to invite people to the table so they can have a voice. It also means to make sure the needs of the people are taking care of us. If you don’t take care of the people, they either will rebel or move elsewhere.

The time for talking is over. It’s now time to A.C.T. For too long, many politicians have claimed to be progressive and talking the language that signify they care. Actually, these individuals only say what is right and good to get elected. Once elected, they lie, deceive, and promote policies that are contrary to their platforms.

There’s a proven, document track record of service to the community. Please check local media for details.

What does A.C.T stands for?


  • Being a team player
  • Being a leader
  • Holding people accountable
  • Being held accountable

Community Service

  • Listening to the public
  • Addressing the issues
  • Fighting for and with the people
  • Engaging the public
  • Provide a great experience


  • Being accessible
  • Be responsive and active
  • Becoming a engaging advocate
  • Providing needed, factual, important information
  • Acting with a plan

How do we plant to ACT? What are the issues? For a detailed outline for this platform, click here.