I, as Councilor of the Birmingham City Council, District 6, therefore pledge to secure the rights, benefits, and responsibilities of the people that I represent. To furthermore walk with honesty and integrity, being transparent, and subject to accountability of my constituents. Above all, to put the interests of the people in the district I represent ahead of my own person agenda.

The people of District 6, therefore, have the following right to as citizens:

  • To be heard and have a voice
  • To have convenient access to information and records upon request
  • To request and participate in a public hearing
  • To hold elected officials accountability
  • To demand the government to be truthful in word and deed
  • To have access to their representative
  • To obtain assistance and resources
  • To have a right to know the issues that affect the district and the city
  • To be notice and/or announced in a timely manner
  • To obtain services
  • To a participant in government, business, community, and society
  • To have the right not be harassed, bullied, intimidated, manipulated, scammed, lied to, harmed, discriminated, profiled, retaliated, or any related action from elected officials, political candidates, businesses, organizations, or the police

In conclusion, it gives me great pleasure to honor this document to the best of my ability. These rights are, however, inclusive to everyone living, working, worshiping, and doing business in the district.

I, additionally, encourage every constituent to hold me accountable for these words. I do not answer to the government or any special interests. I answer to you, the people.

I hereby ordained and established the Bill of Rights as Councilor for District 6 of the City of Birmingham, by which is the district I am to represent. This day, the fourteenth of June in the year two thousand nineteen.


Keith O. Williams