Keith Oscar Williams was born in Birmingham, AL on April 25, 1974. He is the third of five children born to Albert Williams Sr., a fabricator, and Dorothy Leon Hampton, a homemaker. Keith shared the same passions of activism and education as his twin brother, Kelvin. For Keith, learning quickly came at an early age. They were quite competitive. With such competitiveness, Keith and Kelvin became positive role models.


Keith was a product of Birmingham City Schools. He graduated from A.H. Parker High School in 1992. Additionally, he furthered studied at:

  • Alabama State University (1992-1996)
  • Miles College (1996-1998)
  • University of Alabama-Birmingham (1997-1998)
  • Liberty University (2005-2009)

Later, Keith obtained several post-secondary degrees including

  • World Bible School (1999, Diploma, Christian Doctrine)
  • Cathedral University (2001, Diploma, Pastoral Care Counseling)
  • Grace and Truth Bible Institute (Bachelor’s in Biblical Ministry in 2011; Master’s in Biblical Ministry in 2013)
  • Achology (2019, Certification, Counseling Practitioner)
  • Transformation Academy (2019, Certification, Professional Life Coach)

In 1997, Keith served in the US Army during the Gulf War campaign at Fort McClellan, AL. As a result of his military career, he possessed an E-3 ranking of Private First Class with a sharpshooter citation.

Professional Career

By the close of the 1990’s, Keith began his professional career as founder of Greater Works Business Services in 1998. As the new millennium begins, he founded others organization. For example, he founded Great I Am Ministries Outreach International in 2003 and Osterlid Broadcast Section ( an internet podcast station) in 2007. He later co-founded Voters Legal Justice Watch Group in 2018.

In his community endeavors, Keith ran for Birmingham City Council in 2017 and 2019. He had sought for appointment to the City Council in 2018 vacated by the incumbent. However, he was positioned in a fourth place finish out of 18 applicants. Keith plans to run for a third time in 2012.

Similarly, he ran for Delegate for the Alabama Democratic Executive Committee for District 55 and for North Titusville Neighborhood Association Vice President in 2018.

Keith serves his community beyond politics. For instance, he is a member of several organizations including Our Revolution Birmingham, Alabama Arise, Faith in Action Alabama, and Voters Legal Justice Watch Group (as co-founder). His dedication to the people is matchless. Because of his dedication to serve, Keith will make a great public servant.

Literary Career

Keith started his literary career in 1991.

First, he wrote his first poem, The Old Oak Tree. Keith wrote other poems including:

  • My Broken Heart (1992)
  • Keith Loves Tamikia (1993)
  • Julie’s Alright (1994)
  • Delilah In an Unknown Place (1995)
  • Starting Over Again (1997)
  • Thrown From the Cliff (1998)
  • The Irvina Lullaby (1998)
  • The Tulip Song (1998)
  • The Good Girls Taken (1999)
  • Introduction to Sheona (2000)
  • A Match Made in Heaven (2001)
  • The True Self (2002)
  • Celebrate Love (2003)

Secondly, Keith published his first book, The True Experience, Volume I in 2004. The book contains over 100 poems filled with spiritual and inspiration messages of hope, encouragement, and patience. Furthermore, Keith wrote other books including

  • Spirit Led, Spirit Fed (2006)
  • Lessons for Life (2008)
  • The Oscarian Theory Series (2010)
  • The World of Christian Doctrine, Volumes 1-3 (2013)

Lastly, Keith will be writing books including The True Experience, Volume II, The True Experience, Volume III, A Series of Fortunate Spiritual Events, and King Edward’s Courtyard. 

Present Life

Today, this proven leader lives in Birmingham where he continue to make a difference. He was married to Sheona Tibbs of Fredericksburg, VA in 2001. Keith and Sheona were divorced in 2016. They were married for 15 years. The couple have no children.

Presently, he wears many hats such a minister, writer, activist, and entrepreneur. Keith recently became a certified counseling practitioner. He also became a certified professional life coach. Keith started a practice practice in 2019. It’s called Keith O. Williams & Associates. He additionally serves as associate minister at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL. Keith also serves as Vice President of the North Titusville neighborhood.

In conclusion, Keith, is dedicated servant and fighter who is often misunderstood. He will not never back down from a fight. Therefore, he will be an excellent choice to stand in battle. He possesses transparency and accountability with the highest of integrity. Even though his military days are far from him, Keith feels he’s in a different war. A war to make his world a better place to live. In other words, Keith is a quiet go-to guy who speaks less and those more.

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